1. Finish my degree successfully *in progress
2. Learn how to play any music instrument 
3. Learn other languages *in progress (German and Korean languages)
4. Study abroad *One sem in Germany - yay!


5. Go skydiving (either in NZ or Dubai)
6. Go for a hot air balloon ride
7. Road trip with friends 
8. Visit 7 wonders of the world
9. Solo travelling 
10. Visit each continent
11. Master a kpop dance skill especially BTS / EXO dances (hahaha)


12. Find a charity that I love and support it regularly
13. Mail 10 letter of gratitude to everyone I love
14. Donate blood
15. Veggie diet for a week 


16. Give talk or motivation to others
17. Write a book about happiness
18. Randomly give presents to children during Children's Day


19. A cook book (haha)
20. A full meal from something that I've grow/made


21. Get serious about financial planning
22. Take health and fitness seriously
23. Losing weight 
24. Forgive and forget
25. Appreciate and be grateful

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