Thursday, November 05, 2015


This post is specially dedicated to everyone who keep on asking me,

"How was your Paris trip?"

So on the 16th of October, my friends and I were on our trip to Paris. We didn't plan thoroughly our journey because we were following a tour by our student travel group. But mostly what we did there was depending on which and where we want to go (by looking at the map). What I can say much about Paris, I enjoyed the view and the shopping streets (even though I didn't bought any specific items, and I regret not going to LV *to just sightseeing, tehee*) but I don't think I'll be going here again. Hahaha. (the food is expensive, I tell you.)

We went there with a student travel group so it only costs us around 45 euro to go Paris from Essen (reachable from our uni, freely). We spent the whole Saturday in Paris itself and the rest we spent our time napping in the bus. The journey was about 6-7 hours, I guess and seriously, the bus is not a place where you can get a good nap. But anyway, to spend less money, this was something we need to sacrifice. 

We went to so many places including Eiffel Tour, The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and much more. We didn't take any public transportation and we only walk, I guess, half of the city ?!? *nothing to proud of.* 

So for a one day trip, I didn't bring any change of clothes. Some essentials stuffs I brought were:

1. My facial soaps + scrubs + cream
2. Toothbrush + toothpaste
3. My make up set (basically my compact powder + my lip balm)
4. My neck pillow
5. Passport (of course)
6. My shawl (used as blanket)
7. One empty bottle 
8. Foods (something like breads and biscuits)
9. Powerbank + cable
10. Phone and few cash.

If you really want to explore the whole city of Paris, I would suggest you to go for a minimum of two days and one night stay. 

So here are few photos I would like to share with you during our stay in Paris. 

Eiffel Tower from far.

Must have macaroons.

Just a random shot. Hehe.

The Louvre, Paris

Regret for not entering this place but ah, never mind.

A group photo in front of The Louvre, Paris.

And this piece of salmon and variety range of veggies for 15 euro. The only meal I had in Paris.

So to end my post for today, I'll show you our Paris trip video. 
Happy day.

[ Watch in 720p for HD viewing ]

Songs : Cross My Mind - Twin Forks


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