Friday, November 06, 2015

Ten things


Friends are easy to gain, easy to loose. They are worth something especially when they sacrifices their time and energy to take care of you. They’ll be worried sick when you’re gone.


I didn’t really soaked myself into those sad songs when I’m upset. I’ll reminisce myself in bed and cried to sleep.


The happy friends that love to boss you around are the most hypocrites. They lied to you and only taking the advantage on you.


Not being true to yourself will eventually hurt you at the end. Be brave to show your specialty and your flaws. Because we are not God, and we tend to have imperfections.


When you see there’s a door, open it up. It might not be an exit door, maybe just another path for you to change. Chances.


To survive, you have to be brave. Don’t just follow up your friends ass to stand up. Then, you just be off good being on his/her tails.


Some parts of your reality life is something that you wish you do not want to have. But, you have to be able to accept what God had written for you. He’ll knows what the best.


Never judge a book by its cover.


Enjoy your life. Do what you want. Travel as much as you can. See the world in different perspective and always praise God for His amazing works.


Be good to your parents. At the end, even when you are falling and no one left to support you, believe me these two amazing person, will always be there for you. Proud with you. Grateful to have you. Love you endlessly. Thank you Mom, Dad.


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