Sunday, November 08, 2015


It was a hectic day in Belgium yesterday and I'm really sure my diet go wrong already. *cries*

So we took bus from Essen hbf (as usual, we went with our student travel group) around 1 am and the journey took almost 5-6 hours (the bus stopped at few stations, took more people in Dusseldorf and Aachen)

First, we went to Brugge where you can find so many interesting architecture and waffles. You can even see so "well-organised"cafe everywhere. I'm so immersed into the beauty of the city and the waffle for sure. We spent about 3 hours in Brugge, sight-seeing the beauty of the place.

Some snippets of photo in Brugge:

Hello from the other side, *me singing to him and the horse*

Enjoying Brugge's waffle with chocolate and banana on top for 4,80 euro.

Hey Santa Choc!

So after few hours in Brugge. We took the bus back and continue our journey to the city of Brussels. But before that, we managed to visit the Atonium.

Again, photos:

Some sort of big giant atom behind there.

So in the city of Brussels, what I can conclude it was somehow similar to Paris shopping town. But luckily I didn't find my Zara or Primark (even though I tried hard to figure out where these two shops are) 

But I enjoyed eating my second, third and fourth waffles here, (Hahahahaha) eat varieties of free tasting chocolates and of course bought some of it and to see the incredible architecture in the city. 


Featuring my third waffle-ing time at The Waffle Factory, Brussels.

Family photo is a must!


Yup, stuffing more waffles and get myself fat. 

Princes and princesses of the Royal Palace. *euwww*

Thank you Brussels for the amazing day!

So, questions?

What are the stuffs you bring to Belgium?

1. Wet tissue + facial essentials
2. Toothbrush + toothpaste
3. My make up set 
(basically my compact powder + my lip balm)
4. My neck pillow
5. Passport (of course)
6. My contact lenses
7. One empty bottle
8. Shopping bags
9. Foods 
(something like breads, biscuits and chips)
10. Power bank + cable
11. Phone and few cash
12. My cameras

What is a must do activity in Belgium?

Eat waffles, eat chocolates,see the architecture, travel as much as you can.

What is the cheapest way to go here?

Well, I go here with a student trip so it is always cheap to join with this kind of group. But if you plan to go on your own, you can always check the price of the bus, train, flights online and do the calculations. If you plan to stay here, you can always check for the low-price hotel or apartments on AirBnB apps or in any other websites such as and etc. 

For more tips,you may also read reviews on TripAdvisor before you plan your journey.

So here is the video I did for this trip. I really enjoyed this trip a lot. Way better than my Paris trip. *serious talk* 

[ Watch in 720p for HD viewing ]

Songs : 
Heart Skipped A Beat - The xx
Trumpets - Jason Derulo


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