Sunday, March 20, 2016


I just got back from Amsterdam yesterday and the trip was great! I went there with my travel partner, Mary and Ying (as always). We start our journey as early as 5:30 am, catch the earliest train to Essen Hbf. It tooks us 4 hours to reach Amsterdam from Essen HBF by bus. It costs us 35 euro for the trip including bus fee and breakfast - thanks to Studifahrten :) (obviously excluding our shopping expenses)

We went for a boat trip right after we reached Amsterdam. The boat trip costs us around 8 euro (because we came in a huge group so we get slightly cheaper price than usual - normal price is 10 euro) We could see the whole Amsterdam, cruising (ugh am I using the right word lol) through all canals and it was fantastic.

Some photos from our boat trip:

Next, we went for food hunting! We saw a halal shop and decided to take two meals and share. We had our lamb chop and half chicken grill (yes I went to Amsterdam to finally get my lamb chop lol)

Next we went to Old Amsterdam - a cheese shop. We met a cute lady there explaining to us about their product. She also told us that she love travelling to Malaysia - Penang is her favourite place! 

We walked all the way to Rijksmuseum just to take a photo on I AMSTERDAM letters. We even lost and it took us quite some time to reach there haha. The place was too crowded with people climbing up the letters. So we tried our best to fit in and get the best shot that we can lol!

Next we went to mom's favourite shop - Flower Market! There are a lot of shops there but we just immediately bought our stuffs at the first shop - haha typical girls. I shopped quite a lot there. The tulip are so pretty and they come in all sorts of color. They even have black tulip - what?? They sell tulip in a packet of 8 bulbs, 25 bulbs, 50 bulbs and even 100 bulbs. The price:

Small packets with app. 8 bulbs - 3,50 euro each, 3 bags for 10 euro.
Bags with app. 25 bulbs - 6 euro each, 3 bags for 10-15 euro.
Bags with app. 100 bulbs - 8 euro each, 3 bags for 20 euro.

We even tried one of their local foods which are Thick Dutch fries. It costs us 3 euro for the large portion and it was delicious! 

At night, our tour guide brought us to see the night life of Amsterdam! Nothing much to say but Amsterdam have their own unique lifestyle. Iykwim. We finally have some quality times with our mate from Mainz and Heidelberg too :) 

Fun facts about Amsterdam:

So as usual, here is my travel vlog! Havva nice week everyone! 

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