Sunday, March 27, 2016

German breakfast and Mini Farewell

Well hello everyone!

This week has got to be the busiest week I've had in a while. I've been spending the whole week (except Friday) settling everything before flying back to my country. To be honest, part of me is super happy about going back - while imagining Nasi Lemak, Mee Kari, Roti Canai and etc. And part of me is a little bit sad to leave this lovely country. 

So, today we spent almost whole day at Mr Uwe and Frau Renates' place. Their house was fantastic. It reminds me to those houses I saw in typical English movies and dramas. They served us with traditional German breakfast. I had croissant, bun, cheese and medium-boiled egg. An not to forget - coffee (my fav)! Then, they showed us every corner of their house. What excites me the most was their automatic central heating system. It was fantastic!

We even had our chit - chatting sesh basically talking about what we love about Germany, about our study, about how to improve the programme and etc. (surely will tell you guys my experience and thoughts later)

So here are the photos:

Our breakfast!

Mirror selfie is a must (featuring Naufal - whatever!)

Guess what? 


This is actually a stuff you used to hang your clothes! 

Back in old days, this is where they store their potatoes! 

What excites me the most! I basically got my basic Thermodynamics practical here. Lol.

Easter eggs!!

To sum up everything, it was a nice and short event! We will definitely miss Mr Uwe and Frau Renate :(

Hope to see you again! Bis bald :)


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