Monday, March 28, 2016

Movie Park Germany

 Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I had an epic time at Movie Park Germany. The place is located in Bottrop. It consists of 5 areas based on the topic 'fascination film'. Each areas have their own collection of attractions. They have Hollywood Street Set, Streets of New York, Nickland, The Old West and Santa Monica Pier.

It was an amazing experience to ride on an indoor roller coaster, the high fall ride (something similar to the one you saw in Genting - but this is much bearable) and the ride that received so much hatred from us -  The Side Kick. To be honest, if I know The Side Kick is going to be that long and super extreme, I would rode that at the end of my trip in Movie Park.

Normal price is 37,00 euro per person (for kid - age 4-11 is 29,00 euro and chidren up to 3 years are free). But we managed to get discount so we paid for 27,90 euro for the day pass ticket. The park is open from 10 am - 6 pm and is not opened during winter. It is reachable by car or train (Feldhausen Hbf is the nearest train station). As usual, because the theme park is located in NRW, our journey to this place is free using our semester tix :)

You are not supposed to take photos/videos at all rides - indoor or even outdoor which somehow we couldn't understand. Foods and drinks are expensive - mineral water can costs you 3,20 euro! So it would be better to bring your own food and drinks.

So here comes the photos:

My squad for the day! 

 The show was fantastic. I bet all racer would love this!

It costs us 8,90 euro for the small cup, and 14,90 for a big cup. I wish to buy some but it was too expensive.

Your next "The Beatles"!

For more information, please visit:
Movie Park Germany

So that is to mark our end of 6-month stay in Germany. It is 6:19 am and I'm currently packing my stuff. I'm flying back to Malaysia this Tuesday everyone!
Pray for us!


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