Monday, April 11, 2016

Travel tip: How To Pack Light As A Girl

Being a girl can work to your assets or against you when it comes to travelling light. Fortunately, I've had 21 years to deal with my baggage. There are things a guy just can't understand. The key to packing light here is elegant minimalism. Here are some tips on how to pack lightly :)


For the most part, there's not too much to be said here other than the key is having versatile pieces that mix, match and layer well. In fact, being a girl can be an advantage because dresses/tops are absolutely fantastic and can be very comfortable for travelling as long as you don't insist on taking that Ted Baker dream piece (tehee). Leave those at home unless you've got special occasion. Think of them as awesome rewearable onesies that take very little space or time to clean. Plus, what girl doesn't look great wearing them? You are beautiful in whatever you wear, girl.

Tip: I usually bring lots of black, grey and white shades of tops, a black/army green parka or a denim jackets. I think that is the easiest way to rock my journey. Bring something you can comfortably wear and you don't need to go through all the hassles like ironing or etc. For Muslim, I usually wear my square scarf for like 2 days then change it into something easy to wear like no-need-to-iron scarves. I usually bring my black/dark green/brown scarves with me. It is easy to mix and match!


I like jewelry like any girl but stick to your statement jewelry. You know your go-to, uniquely-you everyday jewelry. You are not Cleopatra, girls!

Tip: My jewelry basically are my rings (yes i love rings) and my watch (should I consider this jewelry lol). I think that are the most important things I need to put on to make myself complete! For Muslim, I usually bring a small box with 2 small sized pins and 2 medium sized pins and 5 "jarum peniti".


Admittedly, I tend to get hung on shoes. At the bare minimum, I need my flip flops for any unsanitary places and my flats that are versatile enough for walking around the day and going out. I feel like bringing the whole closet with me, wth!

Tip: I usually bring 3 pairs of shoes with me. (it's hard to minimise further lol) My slipper, my sneakers and my fancy walking shoes (aka Mr Tiger). Heels are absolutely a big no no for me. You are going out for exploring the cities and nature, not doing fashion show dude! But well, it's up to you :)

Make up

I purposefully go out of my way to buy either a makeup container/travel sized versions of product, despite the fact that they're usually not the greatest value. I usually bought a small sized shampoo/bath soap from Guardian/Watsons. Sometimes, I just fill in the small empty bottles (cute and nice) with shampoo and soaps and bring them all with me. 


Tip: I put all my liquid bottles in a very nice bag organizer ( I bought them in Typo ), so when it comes to the moment when I need to declare my stuffs, I will just show them the bag :) My make up kit includes: compact powder, lip balm, lipstick, eyeshadow (mini travel kit by Silkygirl - with shades of brown) and mascara. 


Being a girl in hijab, I really pay a lot of attention to my hair. Luckily, I have a conveniently travel sized hairdryer so I will bring it to almost anywhere I go - except if I know that the place I'm going to stay will provide me with a hairdryer.

Girl's Monthly Consideration

I keep a bare minimum of 5-7 pads in my bags at all times. Others, I will just go to any convenience shop and buy it!

Hope this will help you! Happy travelling!

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