Sunday, May 29, 2016

In love with Seoul

Hello blog, I've missed you !
 Life has been pretty good. And this post is going to be damn long. Please, jebal! Don't give up!

So I've been away from Malaysia (again) for 8 days to Seoul. Yes! Seoul! If you know me well, you'll definitely know how I would pronounce (or should I say shout) the word Seoul excitedly! Tehee!

Trip story


Our flight was at 8AM and we had a loooong and boring 6 hours journey to Incheon. I slept throughout the journey because I was exhausted and above all, I was bored (no actually sleeping is my hobby - whatever ugh) We reached Incheon around 2:30 pm and some of us had our lunch at the airport (I went to Seoul with a group of 27 people). Next, we took an airport line subway to Itaewon and we reached SP Itaewon Guesthouse around 7:30 pm. We had to climb up a couple of stairs (local calls it "tangga neraka" zzz). We (girls) decided to have our maggie reunion at the rooftop and we immediately dozed off after that. What a tiring day!


So we visited Digital Pavilion and my opinion - the place was okay. On our way, we passed the SBS building, yes the building with the huge screen (remember running man episode with 2ne1 and 2pm, yes yes that building) and we were lucky to meet Ahn Nae Sang, one of Ddandara (Entertainer) actor. *Please watch Entertainer, yoreobun!!!* We were super lucky to see MONSTA X from far. 

Ahn Nae Sang yo!


So next, we went to Myeongdong and we had a great time there. Yes! Shopping and street food hunting!

We went to Namsan Tower right after our shopping period. The view was incredible!


We started our third day journey by visiting Seoul World Cup Stadium. Because I'm not a huge fan of football, so a stadium is just a stadium for me. Haha.

Next, we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace and this is the first place where I interacted with the locals and I'm super happy!

We had lunch at Gosaem-i and I love the dishes to max!

And at night, we decided to pay a visit to Seoul Central Mosque.


We visited Soongsil Uni and we met new friends there. They were super cool and nice! Soongsil Uni is so big with a lot of stairs (yeah, if I were a Soongsil Uni student - I can be your next fav noona lol) 

We went to Gwanjang Market after that for street food hunting again!


I love Everland to max! Eventhough I ended up in misery thanks to the T-express and the viking haih. I spent a little for GD's hologram and it was fantastic! I just love Everland!

One of Hawa's successful angle photoshoot lol.

The scariest yet the best ride in Everland!

Our so called Everland oppa lol.


We spent the whole day fangirling! Yes! We went to YG Entertainment in Mapu-go, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and FNC Entertainment in Apgujeong. We went to COEX SM Town too. Yes, everything was about fangirling!

We had our samgyetang and bulgogi at EID Korean Halal Restaurant in Itaewon and it was superb!


We went to Nami Island and continue shopping for our last day in Seoul. It was sad to leave but yeah!

Halal dish in Nami Island at Asian Restaurant!

Dinner at EID again!


Annyeong Seoul!


Flight + luggage: 1178 MYR (you can get cheaper if you book early)
Accomodation: 350 MYR 
Shopping: 400,000 won (roughly around 1.5K MYR)

Additional info:

We saved 2,000 won when we managed to get free T-money from Korea Tourism at Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P Ramlee. We got a lot of coupons from there too. So if you really want to save a lot, go here and get as many discount coupons as you want!

I will definitely go to Seoul again! My semester starts tomorrow! May Allah bless me!
Thanks for reading!


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