Sunday, May 08, 2016

Sawadikap Phuket!

I just got back from Phuket last Friday and my trip was amazing except for:

1. I lost my sunglasses. (luckily it was a 10 MYR sunglasses ugh)
2. I lost my immigration card and I had a 15 minute feels-like-dying moment right before I flew back to Malaysia.
3. I accidentally immersed my phone into the sea water. (and the phone is safely place in a sealed back full with uncooked rice)

So, I went to Phuket with my usual travel buddy, Aishah. It was a last minute trip but the flight and hotel were incredible. We took AirAsia flight as early as 7:25 AM and that was the reason why I stayed at Capsule by Container Hotel the day before. I got a capsule next to a hot korean guy who loves to talk and talk and talk, even until 2 AM he still talking. But, he's a good guy though and it was nice to know him after all.

In Phuket, we stayed at Baan Laimai Resort. The hotel was superb (except on our first day, the air cond was not functioning well) We spend our first day walking around Patong, sightseeing and playing at the beach and also swimming pool. 

The next day, we went for a trip with Sea Angel travel agency to Koh Khai Island, Koh Phi Phi Island and another one, I cannot remember the name (because the island is not that 'cantik' at all) We paid for 1050 Baht for the trip after a long negotiations with a lady at the airport. (We went from one booth (or should I call it shop ??) to another to get the cheapest price that we could - I vividly remember an ahjusshi who struggling hard to offer us the best price but we keep on refusing because it wasn't cheap for us. Half of me is feeling guilty to him and half of me was like okay) We met few Malaysians who were on the same boat with us. (yeah, we're just good at giving smiles and make a new friend)

Our last day was all about shopping and sightseeing :) Oh and I managed to accomplish my wish to randomly 'tegur' any mat salleh - and I did it at the airport haha.

Photos for you:

Manage to drink banana milk before going to Seoul haha

Ice cream! 
Ice cream flavor: Vanilla
Mixer: Kiwi and nutella
Topping: Chocolate
That's what I had!

Our boat-mate featuring the view!

At Koh Khai Island and everything was beautiful.

Saw this random swing and here me swings like a monkey (or actually not because it doesn't swing pun)

Always happy me (padahal baru hilang sunglass and phone baru selamat terendam air laut)

I think this is their so called TNB haha

Aishah featuring tom yam goong! Have our meal at San Sabai - a halal restaurant!

In front of our hotel room!

Shopping time!

I was so glad that our trip turn out to be a simple yet enjoyable one. I was even glad that my travel buddy never brag over anything and I feel bad in case if I'm somehow pressuring her or what. She is indeed a good friend :)
To more exciting trip together!

So here are few extras info I would like to share:


Hotel + flight - 523.08 MYR (It was worth because my hotel was superb)
Spending (including shopping, island hopping trip, taxi pergi-balik airport, foods, drinks and everything) - 450 MYR


They are a lot of halal restaurant here. So it is quite easy to find halal food. But the best one is San Sabai. ( except for it's wifi)

Island hopping trip

Always go from one shop to another and request for the cheapest price. Don't purchase directly from the Internet.

Thanks for reading!


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