Saturday, April 23, 2016

YTN CSR Project Plan 'Bee'

My group mates and I visited Pusat Jagaan Al Fikrah in Kajang for our YTN CSR Project. The project was started since I was in Germany and I just manage to sit down and help them (not that much but somehow it was still tiring) yesterday. I started my day off by sending my little brother to school (kids nowadays and their extra classes) and drove all the way from Ampang to Kajang. Luckily, the traffic was bearable. We gathered at Pusat Jagaan Al Fikrah around 9.00AM, doing our last minute preparation before the event starts. 

Our project was to build "sarang lebah kelulut" (wondering what kelulut in English omg). Most of the work was done by the boys, so what I did was basically helping them to buy stuffs and be MC for today (and my MC-ing skill was ugh)

I was so glad to see our pengarah and his wife coming all the way to this place to support our programme. Not to forget, representatives from YTN - Abang Hassim and Encik Nasir.

It's sad how we only realise how blessed we are after we met people who have much less than we do. Not just less in wealth, but less in health and some of them less in physical. Most important - less love from their kids

Always remember to thank Allah for what He has given to you. We have our family who constantly love us. Make sure you pay back what they did for you in future. Always love them to max cause they do love you to max too. Besides that, always be thankful that we have working body parts and internals that function normally, so please stop obsessing over our insecurities about our weight and our features. Spending time with these adults opened my eyes to see how grateful we should be for everything and how so many people need our help, kindness and love.

It's good that when disaster happens in another country, we all come rushing to help, but never forget that there are still tons of people in our own country that could really use our help too. I wish I had the power to give them all that they need. (perhaps one fine day, in shaa Allah)  I listened to one of the caretakers of the house talking about the adults. Most of them had no family anymore, some of them were abandoned by their own kids, some were left there at the house. Sigh. It breaks my heart. I pray Allah gives them the best in the hereafter, if it's not in the world.

We went home right after doing some final touch up and definitely going to visit this place again anytime soon.

"Do not look to those above you. Look to those below you, and it will more likely remind you of the favours Allah has bestowed upon you." - Reported by Muslim, Hadeeth.

For those who would like to pay a visit and help this organisation, here are some basic info for you.

Pusat Jagaan Al Fikrah
No. 683, Jalan Sekolah,
Kampung Sg Sekamat, Batu 12 1/2,
Jalan Cheras, 43000 Kajang,


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