Saturday, July 09, 2016


Before I start my ramblings, let me wish you guys: 
Happy Eid Mubarak!

And here the 'pau' version of myself. Tehee!

So my raya was okay. I had the chance to celebrate first raya with my atok and my mom's big family (of boys - yeah atok have 7 cucu lelaki and 2 cucu perempuan) lol. My raya was all about visiting moms' friends in the hospital. It breaks my heart to see when we're enjoying this great day happily, there are some who are less fortunate than us - have to spend their days and nights in the hospital because they are sick or they are taking care of their family members who are sick. May Allah bless them. Amin.

I've been spending my nights doing my never ending assignments and lab reports and sometimes I take a couple of minutes to scroll through Twitter and Facebook, just to make sure I'm aware of what is happening around the world today! And the latest (not so latest actually) was about cyber bullying. 

Before I start, just to let you guys know that I'm an engineer to be and all the scientific - medical terms that I'm going to use right after this were all thanks to Google and Wikipedia lol. (I told you right how I really interested in Psychology - so I read them okay)

Bipolar disorder or to make it simple, depression is real. At a certain point, suicidal thoughts will start to linger in their mind when they think that is the better option to do. So, this depression thing-gy is not something you can joke around. Some people take this so lightly and start to think what kind of human being is she/he (the person who suffers depression and bipolar disorder) is. Even worst when they used social media as a medium to say how stupid that person to kill herself/himself. Hey dude, you better watch what you say!

I know suicide is haram but isn't there any better way to say 'please don't kill yourself' in a polite and good words? Why you choose to mock or bash a person, why you choose to say she/he is stupid or other not-so-nice words to someone who suffers depression? 

I know this person is not categorized as those "the girl who guy want to date" because she's just a normal girl who's not the perfect girl as your girlfriend or what, but hey, she's still Allah's creature and who are you to judge? You judge Allah's creation is not your taste? Hey! Subhanallah!

Our society and mentality is sickening and they are good at spreading this kind of issues in a split second. (Well yeah, thanks to Twitter and Facebook, right?) Same goes like the limo surprise case! (Just imagine if your boyfriend/husband doing the same thing to you - you'll be happy too right, so just be happy for her lah). Oh and for the dUCkscarves issue when people bashing FV team instead of believing "ada rezeki, adalah" - life motto instead. (Oh no, no I'm not working with Fashionvalet team haha)

I don't know how you guys think but for me there are times it's better to remain silent than to say harsh words. It's better to take care of your own problem than being a busy reporter. Or at least, study everything, know the story from the very beginning and then start to say few words - if you think it's necessary. I know you're kind, good people who want her to live a normal life like you do, so instead of bashing, why don't you splurge her with good words? I believe everyone loves good things - including good words! Why be rude when you can be good everyone?

 I'm deeply sorry if I hurt anyone. Cyber bullying is a wide issue and it's not specifically stated for what-happened-in-Twitter issue only! I'm not backing up anyone because I'm not a pro in Psychology or what, it's just that I know bipolar disorder is actually exist and it can cause harm to certain people - and these people needs motivation not harsh comments! And I know suicide is not the last solution for every problems.

Let's be a kind-hearted warrior, not just a keyboard warrior. Shall we?

Salam Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir Batin!


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