Monday, January 02, 2017


Went to Dotty's in TTDI for (heavy) tea time with the usuals, Nabil and Aishah :) The foods were great! For more info, you can check their instagram: @mydottys (Oh and I don't panjat the kerusi for these photos if you guys wondering how these photos turn our to be so nice and pretty - or maybe you don't bother pun, okay whatever!)

Quite steep but for once in a year (yeke) okay lah. The chicken pie was superb and the smoked salmon was pehhhh! 

Fav girls:



I wish I could insert the sound of fireworks for background music just to tell you guys how excited I am! We finally say hello to a brand New Year. I know most of you could see how I retweeted all birthday wishes on Twitter not to brag to all of you about my birthday (haha, actually yes - I gila wishes sikit) but just, I was touched with some small gestures people did to me. Some were not even my close friend but they did wish me and I'm so happy to max! Thank you people. May Allah bless you. 

I wish I could screenshot all birthday wishes I got through Whatsapp, iMessage and Telegram but some of them were cheesy and touching - I decided to keep it to myself. My best friends are the best! We might 'terasa' for some stupid reason like;

"Dia tak kejut aku pun pagi tadi"
"Dia tak senyum pun kat aku tadi doh"

"Dia tak ajak aku pun"
"Dia ni busy je tak boleh nak Facetime ugh"

 and many more stupid stuffs. Funny right? I hope me being 22, I won't be this childish anymore haha!

Like previous years, 2016 was full with ups and downs. And these ups and downs were the reason for me to grow wiser and smarter (and chubbier - HELP!) I take each and every happy and painful memories as a start for me to be a better person in the upcoming years. I hope I will always grow healthier, happier and brighter!

Above all this, I would like to thank Mom for taking good care of me until I am who I am today. I may not be a good daughter, but I hope Allah will always ease her, bless her and giving her all the love she deserve to get. Mom is always the best :) 

Ok, so here are my resolution for this year!

1) To snack less and exercise more. To at least gain that healthy weight - not to go skinny. I won't turn all organic, I cannot avoid delicious local foods and fried chicken! But to stop snacking on junk foods, to lower down my sugar intake. I think that is good enough for start. Exercise? I'm not a run/jog person so maybe I'll go for indoor exercises like watching exercise videos on Youtube or maybe I could do zumba. I'll try those maybe this evening... or night.... or tomorrow (the days continues - jk jk)

2) To not waste time. I want to manage my time well. Prepare everything before hand, do things efficiently, wake up early so I can get more things done. 

3) To care about myself more. This includes me paying attention on my health and do things I love to do. Like reading more novels, listen to more good music, watch good dramas/movies and etc. (did I mention about time management before? jk)

4) To cook more. I want to eat home-cooked food more since that is the best food ever!

5) To blog more!

6) To ask more. I want to educate myself to go and seek for my lecturers if I have something that I cannot understand. I want to learn and understand so I could practice what I learnt today in future. Not just to pass my exam.

7) To take serious action on money management. I want to increase my savings from RM 1/day to RM2/day yay!

8) To be more spiritually engaged. I want to recite Quran more often, take good care of my prayers, constantly performing Dhuha and etc.

9) To travel more and learn more and experience more.

Okay, that's a lot!

As you guys know, 2016 has been a terrible year for the world. There were so many sufferings going on, politically and economically. So many natural disasters including earthquakes and etc happening in other countries which scared me a lot. Wars and terrorism were never ending, and the world is terrifying so I always remind myself to always pray for the world. I pray for 2017; that this world is going to be a better place for everyone, spreading more love than hate and all the great things will happen in our life. 

Happy 2K17! Thank you for reading my blog for the past few years! I'm so touched :)
Hope you have a wonderful year.

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