Sunday, January 08, 2017

Thoughts 2.0

 Having a short date with house mates after our test. Since none of us look good (our paper was ugh), hence the shoes selfie :)

 Just ended my super busy weekend with... me sitting in the living room trying to get my other work(s) done. So who says uni life is easy, kids? It's not about you bumping guys on your way to library and fall in love and have a wonderful happy ending. That's all fantasy people create. Sigh.

I won't talk much about my test. Because test is always something else than what I did during lectures / tutorials / self study. My CIDB talk was okay since the presenter was good. Thumbs up! ( can't wait to get that green card and I can brag about myself - on my way to become a good engineer - In shaa Allah )

These semester, I just realised staying with a small circle of people is better. I decided to get away from those people who (I think) keep on giving me all those negative vibes. Reason? Just to let me stay happy and positive. I just realised sitting together with a society who practicing unhealthy jealousy, sarcasm and badmouthing others will only make me stress.

1) If he/she could say those bad stuffs about others, he/she might also spread your bad sides to his/her colleague.
2) Who are you to judge when you, yourself aren't good enough?
3) I've been living with a very good society who take full care on what I did - which they don't have to ?!?

(These thoughts were also pointed to me - myself, a sinful person)

Getting away doesn't mean ignoring, it's just reducing the time I spent with them. That's all. 

I just realised, life is like a piece of blank sheet. And I am the one who are responsible to choose what pattern / color that I would like to use to create a beautiful painting called life. I'm so blessed that so far my life is all about good lucks. I have mom who dearly loves me, a brother who (always forgot to bring his wallet when we went shopping so we need to lend him our money - whatever) proudly says he have a good sister like me (perasan mode on) and my friends who always see the good things in me. And I think one way for me to (so called) paint my life, is to dearly love those people who love me for who I am. To see good things in myself. To always in the position of trying to improve in studies / health / financial and etc.

Trust me people, if you are grateful, the biggest and smallest thing in life will make you content. Try to love others (without expecting anything back), try to not compare yourself with other people, instead use your capability to show that you are also good. Remember, Allah SWT creates us with their own speciality :)

Have a nice week everyone. Next week is my submission week! I have three assignments to be submitted and luckily I've done two out of it - working on my third.

I hope you have a cheerful week!


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