Monday, January 23, 2017

Are we really "healthy"?

My relationship with floor during final exam - TURN ON!

Well hello everyone!

Just to update you guys that I am going to have my first paper on this Wednesday so please pray for me!
I had a so called productive week starting from last Monday. I had my Test 2 for Fluids 2, my quiz for MOM and some revision classes for other subjects. Thanks to the tests, quizzes and assignments, I can say that I start to prepare myself quite early this time. I'm so happy that my ustaz is so hi tech so that we can do our tasmi' by reciting the Surah through Whatsapp voice. How cool is that! This is to tell you guys, that you should make use of whatever you have for good.

So I decided to open my diary, and was stopped to the latest page (notes for yesterday)
Yup, yesterday I went to Masjid Bukit Antarabangsa to attend a talk about being healthy. Have you ever studied or know that one of the characteristics of being a good Muslim / human being is to always take good care of your health?

Yes, we often realised that yes, I should take care about my health, but ended up eating a big bite of KFC Zinger Burger (that's me). We know the bad effects of smoking, but your high stress level influence you to take extra dose of nicotine and toxic just to so called calm you down, emm i don't know if it really helps you and other unhealthy stuffs we did or eat - which can affect us physically.

Same goes to unhealthy stuff we did that can affect our spiritual / heart - this includes jealousy, bad mouthing, fitnah and etc. Ma shaa Allah.

Towards the end of the session, I realised how unhealthy my lifestyle was. I took less care on my physical health. For me as long as I'm still young, I can eat whatever I want and illness will only attack aged people - when death can come to you anytime. 

I took less care on my spiritual health because I pay less attention on what I talk to people, what story I spread to people around me, what conversations I had with some people which could lead to bad mouthing and etc, how dirty my heart was due to jealousy and hasad dengki, how I priorities works/studies/lagha stuffs before Ibadah -  and yet was hoping to be given a Jannah by Allah SWT.

I would like to share with you guys a tips learned from the talk.

(Inspired from a book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma")

1) 20 x 3
- 20 minutes of meditation (in other word - Qiam and Solat Subuh)
- 20 minute of exercising ( can be indoor and outdoor, wearing your sport attire or baju kelawar)
- 20 minute of planning and learning ( includes planning what to do, learning something new from the radio)

2) ABC
A - Accepting whatever things you've been through on that day.
B - Be grateful with what you have.
C - Create plan so that you can be a better you on the next day :)

3) 5 minutes rule
Allowing yourself to have moment to be angry ( Can i call it raging moment ?!?)
After 5 minutes, sit down and relax - move on and be positive (in other word - try to accept and forgive, no need to 'ungkit' again next time)

4) WITOH principle
WITOH = What is the opportunity here?
Seeing good things to be learn from whatever stuffs you face on that day. 
Changing all the negativity to positive values.

5)BIW - Best In The World
Making an effort to be the best of you - in terms of your style, your work, your attitude or anything - just make an effort to be better. Remember: Allah loves people who make an effort to be better :)

Let's start paying more attention to our physical and spiritual health. In shaa Allah!
Oh and Goblin had ended and it was a beautiful story. You should watch this drama guys! (Thank God it ended before my final exam)  #highlyrecommended



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