Monday, November 16, 2015


Just arrived this morning around 6 am and I'm now wide awake. My trip to Italy was great.

Day 1

It took us more than 10 hours to arrive in Italy and our first checkpoint was Venice. The first thought I had when I reached there was,

"Are we going to Langkawi?"

We took a boat to Venice and that is why that kind of thoughts suddenly appeared in my mind. Hehe.

Venice was damn beautiful with more than 200++ bridges connecting from one small island to another small island. The architecture was definitely amazing. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to go on the gondola, (but I asked my friend to took several videos during her gondola trip) and I felt like joining them too.

We had our lunch and dinner with a bunch of Italian foods, including pizza, spaghetti and lasagne. It was an okay dishes.

Some snippets of photo in Venice:

Main attraction of Venice.

Oh, featuring our new friend, Swee Yee and Rabia.

Lasagne for 9,50 euro and cappucino for 3,00 euro.
(yup, quite expensive)

2 large pizzas for 5 euro.

A picture with those people wearing their pretty masquerades.

We stayed for two nights in Park Hotel located in Bologna (circa 2 hours journey from Venice). Nothing special about this hotel so I will not tell you anything about the hotel.
Thanks to the hotel, I am fully ready to survive winter. (Meine Heizung nicht funktionert, sobs).

Day 2

We had our breakfast around 8;15 am and started our journey around 9:30 am. Our first destination on that day was Pisa. Nothing much about Pisa except for it's Leaning Tower of Pisa. So we just take few shots in front there and went to Florence.

Florence was a little bit city-like with so many historical items stored in this place. We had our amazing dishes and gelato here before we went back to the hotel.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Yummy! It costs me 1,80 euro for a cone of two scoops of ice cream.

Day 3

We had our breakfast around 8;15 am and started our journey around 10 am right after check out. Our last destination for our Italy trip was Milan. Yes!

Milan really opened up my eyes as I can see so many shops which I love so much. I even dragged the guys to accompany me in MAC, Zara, GAP and much more shops but ended up not buying anything haha. The street arts and performances were amazing too. 

When a bird photobomb-ing your jumping shot. Ugh.


Something which costs me 2,50 euro and I'll definitely not going to get it again.
(tak sedap)

One of the street performance in Milan.

So, here goes my trip video.

[ Watch in 720p for HD viewing ]

Songs : 
Locked Away - R-City (feat Adam Levine)
FInd You There - We Are Kings

So I guess that's all I can say much about my trip.
Till the next post.


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