Monday, December 21, 2015


So, I spent my weekend in London. It was a hectic day. Meeting a friendly bunch of people in the immigration office early in the morning. I took the ferry to London (This is going to be my last time, I swear! Seasick is not cool okay) We walked a lot. The whole Oxford Street (yes, thanks to my love towards branded items but end up buying nothing haha) to Buckingham Palace to London Eye to Big Ben. I was so in love in London city since I was little. It is my long time dream to be here and finally, tadaa, I'm here! The best part about being in London is I can speak English without asking people first, "Can you speak English?" Haha!

Here are snippets of photos and videos!

[ Watch in 720p for HD viewing ]

Songs : 
Fireproof - One Direction

Winter break just started and I am away to more adventures ahead! I'll definitely update all of you soon, once I'm back! (I can only see my Ingolstadt right now) 

Merry Christmas in advance, thanks for the holiday! Hehe.


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