Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Winter trip

Well hello. I was just settled down in my room, after my 1 week and half winter trip to Austria, Munich and Zurich. It was incredible. I met new people, learn few things, see so many God's spectacular works and much more. So today's post might be long because I'll tell you everything about my trip so... good luck reading (hehe)

So our first destination was Austria. We took train to Vienna and the train was comfortable. We stopped in Munich to change train and we tried the OBB train (Austria's train). What I love the most about OBB, they provide free wifi along the journey haha. We enjoyed our trip in Austria to maxx. Thanked God, we met Hawa's great auntie who treats us super well. We had all sorts of Malaysian foods in her house (including Nasi Lemak and Sambal Tempe, nyum), even got our own unpaid tourist guide who motivates me to climb up 312m to reach an abandoned castle (super tired but it was really worth it) I didn't spend much in Vienna because we just bought our weekly-tix which covers the whole Vienna and can be used to travel in bus, tram or train (make sure you are still in vienna). I just paid a few euros to travel outside Vienna but it is still, I can consider that reasonable. Here are snippet of photos in Vienna:

After 4 days and 3 nights in Vienna, we slowly moved to Munich. We travelled on Christmas Day so everything was closed. On 26th Dec, most of the shops were closed too. We finally went inside BMW Welt the next day to watch the new BMW models and Ying and I was going crazy with BMW stuffs, so we ended up buying few things for family and friends. (not the car obviously) Our hotel in Munich was comfortable (but the free wifi was sucks). We got the cheapest rate, thanks to (yay!) In Munich, we bought a 4 days City Tour Card worth 39,90 euro for 4-5 persons. It covers the whole innenraum (they are using ring system which you need to purchase a suitable ticket depending on what places you want to go, so make sure, check which ring the places you want to visit are located before buying your ticket, more info, you can directly ask at the infopoint, they are kind and very helpful :)) and we can get discounts for all tourist attraction places including Olympiaturm (a tower where you can see the whole Munich) I will definitely go to Munich again one day, there is much more to explore there heee. So here are snippet of photos in Munich:

My last trip was in Zurich. Zurich was a so-so trip for me. I was expecting to see snow in Zurich but unfortunately, there is nothing. They got some at the mountain areas but the train to go there was not cheap at all (yes i didn't lie - 70+ CHF, what???) We travelled by IC bus from Munich to Zurich which costs us less than 30 euro. The bus was super comfortable, plus, they got wifi! We can see thin snows on the way to Zurich. We spent our night in a hostel and it wasn't cheap (never lie to them, if you come with a group of four, say four, lesson learnt lol) So we decided to walk around Zurich city and spent most of our time in McD and Burger King (because it was too cold and we need wifi lol) 

My advices:

1. Book early tickets and hotels. You can go search in or Airbnb and etc. For trains, if you are travelling into Germany or from Germany, use DB (Deutsche Bahn) facilities. The best trains ever! 
2. Munich is definitely for city-type people. Austria is for people who love history and nature and Zurich is good if there is snow or else nothing much you can do (oh and please be aware everything is expensive here) ugh.

So, as usual, my vlog. This time, I took pictures more than vids so my vlog might be a little bit disappointing, so sorry.

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Songs : 
I Lived - One Republic

Happy New Year!


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