Thursday, January 21, 2016

Accepting Failures for A Bright Future

Picture taken in Krems - a memorable place!

"If you are too afraid of failure, you can't possibly do what needs to be done to be successful"

Today I spent the whole day, reading all those inspiring blogs I found from Bloglovin. (Please follow me there hehe) From travelling blogs, to fashion and much more. One post that caught my attention was with the title "5 Failures You Need to Experience If You Want to Succeed."

I believe most of us experience failures in various form. In study, relationships and etc. I fail at those things sometimes, and it feels just as dreadful for me as it does for anybody else. I come down hard on myself, feeling guilty, try to avoid thinking much about it. Yes, failing hurts! And yet, I brushed myself off, get back up and try again. 

I still fail at getting to gym or do some simple workout sometimes, but I keep trying. And now I managed to spend like 30 minutes every day for my regular workout activities. I'm so proud of myself yay!

I still fail at being loving and compassionate to myself sometimes. But, I don't give up. I still fail at being a patient and good daughter for my parents, especially when life hit me harder, busy schedule, problems and much more. But I continue to try. 

I've made so much attempt in order to get placement into unis abroad. I applied almost all scholarships, went to the interviews, got call saying I'm unsuccessful and ended up crying all night. And when I finally in uni, I always remember how my best friend, Brena motivates me to study well and apply for this exchange student programme. At first, I didn't apply for this programme because my result wasn't as good as others. Frankly speaking, I was already giving up. Almost everyone know my dream was to study abroad. So I just went to class as usual, sit for the final exam and my result was much much better than the previous one. This is when miracle happen and now I'm here in Duisburg, having another dream - wish I could go home as soon as possible, study here is a real challenge dude. 

You may not succeed in the exact way you hoped you would, within the exact timeframe you hoped you would, but you will learn and grow from experiences and failures, and you will be better off in the end.

More than anything else, here are the things you need to be willing to fail at to succeed in life (got this from the article, I'll share 3 out of 5 of them, okay),

1. You have to be willing to fail at the original plan.

Life is full with screw-ups. You're supposed to fail sometimes. It's a required part of the human learning process. When you are rigidly attempting to carry out a plan or reach a dream, and things don't go exactly as planned, then you feel like a failure and every positive action from that point forward gets derailed. But if you have a more flexible mindset, and instead think, "This may not go as planned, but that's OK because plans can change," then it's not a catastrophe when you realise you need to slow down or switch paths.

There's no single path in life that you have to stay on to be successful and happy. Success and happiness comes with noticing the progress you've made and understanding that every lesson is a step forward.

2. You have to be willing to fail at being OK all the time.

You can only grow by opening up fully to what you're feeling. Take any emotional feeling - love for a significant other, or grief over a lost family member, or fear and pain from a deadly illness. If you hold back on your emotions and you don't allow yourself to go all the way through them, you can never get to the point of being detached from them. But by throwing yourself into these emotions, by allowing yourself to fully embrace them to the point where you're effectively in over your head, you leave no emotion abandoned or question lingering in your mind. 

You know what love is, what grief is, what fear is, then only when you know these things, you can say, I'm okay and ready to move forward with my life.

3. You have to be willing to fail at fitting in and pleasing everyone.

The strongest and happiest among us are often the creative, daring ones who never go completely mad, even when everything gets crazy. They aren't so easily disheartened by the seemingly endless amounts of scrunity that creative individuals tend to receive because they, like insanity itself, are the ones who feed off of opposition and negative feedback and manage to continue along with a healthy dose of ambition. It's the willingness to be different that teaches us to use our gifts wisely and own all the critics of the world, with smiles on our faces.

So remember, you don't need everyone to like you and your creations. You are like an artist with a gift. Not everyone is going to see your beauty and talent. Trust your intuition when it comes to working on what's meaningful to you. And know that trusting your intuition is equivalent to trusting your true self... and the more you trust your true self, the more control you have of making your biggest goals and wildest dreams come true, even when life's inevitable changes and adversities get in your way.

So let's be prepared to fail and have a long-term success soon.


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