Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekend well spent

It's been a while, right? The past couple of weeks have been super hectic - slowly start to study from root because final is in two weeks (shivers), spending quality time with mom (yas, my mom was in Germany) and basically because I don't feel like blogging (main reason). 

So last Friday I went to Cologne with Mary. Well we planned for this trip like since loooooong time ago and finally last Friday we managed to make this dream a reality. (eceh) So basically we went to see The Cologne Cathedral. It was great and amazing. I even went inside and see the gothic-like cathedral. I got free explanation from Mary. She explained almost everything starting from the story about The 3 Kings,  the drawings on the window and etc. Well, good experience tho.

The Cologne Cathedral - was announced as one of World Heritage Side in 1996! And indeed it was an amazing building!

Next, we went to Schokoladenmuseum (Chocolate museum). The entrance fee was 6,50 euro and for us, it was a bit expensive so we didn't enter the exhibition hall. But we did spend our money on the chocolate shop. (even more than 6 euro - HAHAHA) The truffles and paralines were so delicious. They even provide me with information like which chocolate is halal for me to eat, which one got alcohol and etc.


We decided to walk along the Hohenzollern Bridge - also known as Cologne's Love Lock Bridge to cross the Rhine river. We see diffferent types of so called love locks. Some were small and cute. Some were huge which brought laughs to us. (sorry, i guess only single ladies would laugh on this thing) We even met an Indonesian which looks exactly like an European trying to take a video of us for his tutor project. 

Lastly, we went to an observation deck (costs us around 3 euro each) on top of an aviation company building. The view was amazing!


So my next life update was about yesterday. I woke up at 6 am just to reached the earliest train as possible with Naufal, Mary and Ying. We decided to go to Winterberg - to play snow! It took us 3 hours to reach there. We enjoyed the snow for few hours and decided to go back before dawn. It was a great experience. I finally felt I'm here for winter semester lol.

Fun facts about my two days short trip experiences.

1. Cologne and Winterberg are located in NRW - North Rhine Westphalia region. My UDE semester ticket can be used for all types of public transportation (except taxi, sightseeeing bus and public bicycle) as long as it is still in the NRW region. So I didn't spend any money for transportation here. 

2. We didn't plan the trip thoroughly. We just go and get lost. And ended up exploring great places!

So have a nice week ahead! I will be entering my stress week soon. Please pray for me. I am carrying zero carry marks (because my subjects are 100% based on my final exam performance - cries )

So enjoy my two short videos! All about my Cologne and Winterberg trip!


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