Wednesday, January 20, 2016

La Dolce Vita

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"Maybe the first step in attaining the sweet life is to realise we already have everything we need"

It's been awhile since I posted something on blog. Nope, I'm not busy with assignments or what, I just don't feel like blogging for these past few days - yeah, lacking of what to babble about. Lately, I've been in an extreme insomnia problem, I cannot sleep at the time I suppose to sleep - this is insane. (God, help me!) I just finished watching the whole Reply 1988 and again I just burst into tears when hearing Duk Seon's speech for her father.

So back to my main topic. My justification for today was simple: I am happy :)

Happiness is not something I take for granted. As long as I can remember, I had identified as being a pessimist, a worrier and had always been overwhelmed by the feeling that I was waiting for my life to happen. But these were stories I told myself (we all have them) and it wasn't until I started to abandon some of these old ideas, these stories, that  I was able to start rewriting them and started living in present, and dare I say, I started to feel happy.

What are you grateful for today? Today, I grabbed a piece of paper and started to scribble until the page was full. It's a new habit, I start to make a gratitude list every day; usually, I make one in my head. This has showed me that not only I do always have something to be grateful for, but that the idealised life I had seemingly been chasing after for so long is starting to happening slowly or already happening. I am living in it now. Alhamdulillah.

I've never been one for New Year's resolutions, but I always try new things every year. This year, I vow to stay present. Not worrying much about future (I think being excited is allowed) and no dwelling on the past (I am painfully nostalgic, lol). Although this goes against every natural instinct I have I'm going to really try and I'm in the beginning to have some faith in myself and start to love my life, the reason why Allah put me in certain situations and etc. I finally believed that: Loving yourself isn't vanity, it's sanity :)

We all (yes you and me) deserve to have the best lives possible, the sweetest lives, but maybe the first step in attaining this is to realise, we already have everthing we need.

Look outside, is it raining? Or the warm sun is shining. Take a moment to go for a short walk, breathe in the air, or go for a jog: feel the blood pumping your veins, feel your muscles carrying you. And if you take a hot shower or soak in a bath tonight, won't you think about the luxury of it all; the soft sheets on the bed? Because once you notice the things in life you are grateful for you can't un-notice them, but our stories can be written and rewritten, edited and revised.

Look outside, is it raining? Is it night time yet? It's super cold in Duisburg (currently burying myself in my comfy pyjamas), the tea in my cup is warming my hands. I think in this moment I have everything I need. I am already living the sweet life, and just maybe, you are too :)


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