Saturday, August 06, 2016


I believe everyone knows what Instagram latest move and it's quite a surprise for me (and I think you too as well).  The similarities are strikingly unbelievable, except that the dog face filter. I believe you know what I'm trying to say now. Tehee. 

Frankly, we are living in the era where nothing is original anymore - therefore, this issue should not come to us as a surprise. We live copying each other and nothing is wrong about that as long as it does not hurt anyone.

So everyone, to what extend does an inspiration become a plagiarism?

Well it depends on how you view this kind of issue. So here is my opinion: I think there is no harm to be inspired by someone's good idea, but to copy exactly the same is I don't know, a shameful thing ?? I believe we have our own originality, our own authenticity. Inspiration should be followed by improvements to create something way better than before. Not just simply to follow the wind. But I do believe there is a good thing from this Instagram -Snapchat issue - at least we're connected. (Like I can finally see GD so called snapchat - he never expose his snapchat ID to everyone kot haha - kasi can sikit)

 I cannot say much because I myself is a copycat. But, whatever I copied from others, I will personally do some changes on it to help me become way better than before. You may see how worst my English is, but this is actually an improved version - all thanks to bloggers that I've been following all this time. I did copied some of their ideas, add up with my thoughts and that is what you've been reading throughout this years. I believe improvements are something that you learn not only from yourself, but from others too. But, there is this fella we called limits. We need to know our limit. It's okay if you want to get a whole set of make up stuffs from Sephora because you want to look as pretty as those girls on Instagram or what, but before doing that, always ask yourself - 

1) Is this going to be worth it?

2) Can I afford this?
3) Is this really important?

And more questions...

See, you don't have to live someone's life to be happy.  Always know your limit! Why you want to broke later just to be presentable to people out there now? When you are too busy catching popularity at a very young age and end up working damn hard later when people already own their bungalow and Mercedes? (this is what I've always put on my mind when I wanted to get myself something which is so so unnecessary - but I just cannot help to get myself that facial pack from Hermo, sorry dear self haha)

But if you do afford it, it's okay you can go grab them. It's you who are responsible to set your own limits guys! I don't say you cannot get what you want. I say know your limit. That's all :) No hard feeling okay!

You'll see how happy or bright someone's life in Instagram or Facebook or any social media, but hey, no one will post their problems in their social media accounts guys! It is always the happy and good memories that people will share with you. They won't share a picture of them punching his friends, they won't share a video of them being abused, they won't share a video of them being left alone or etc. 

Trust me - to live authentically is the best! So live your life to the fullest. Love yourself.

Oh and to all bloggers who are hurt by my post which looks similar to yours, I'm deeply sorry - you guys are such an inspiration so I cannot help but to be inspired :) Always inspired people ok!

Last: Be yourself, cause others are already taken. :)
Peace yo!

P/S : My second phase of stress week is going to start soon. 
I have three papers in one day so wish me luck!


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