Saturday, August 06, 2016

What's up

Hello xx!

I just spent a week of doing nothing (jokes, I still went to class, do homework, assignments and etc, it's just that I don't study much - just to give a break after two weeks of tests and midterms. Cracked head!)

So last weekend (still in July) I went food hunting with my fam (it's actually to celebrate my brother's 12th birthday - yeah he's not a baby anymore guys!) We went to Dolly Dim Sum, Sangkaya and Chill Chill by Boat Noodles - all located in NU Sentral. Here are the photos:

Green tea from Chill Chill by Boat Noodles

Teh Ijo Ice Cream in Cone from Sangkaya 

Dim sum from Dolly Dim Sum

Signature Coconut Ice Cream from Sangkaya

This post is actually to tell you guys that I'm in my beast mode - I want Dakgalbi please!

Tehee :) Next post come soon. Stay tuned!


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